Happiness From Within

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While we are sleeping, something miraculous happens. All the events of the day and thoughts that our minds have been processing, are being formatted from emotional thoughts into rational understanding.
This happens in a stage called Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep. REM converts our anxious (non rational) thoughts that we may have trouble controlling, into rational understanding, so that we can make sense of what is happening and decide what practical action we may need to take.
Hence the saying 'sleep on it'
When we are anxious or confused, we tend to spend more of our sleep in REM stage (Obviously because we have more to process), but this can result in a sleepless night with many 'bursts' of REM sleep throughout the night.
Downloading and listening to this CD as you go to sleep each night can help your mind to process this information more effectively so that you begin to sleep better.

Please Email me at donna@happinessfromwithin.co.uk to request the CD link. The CD is priced at £10 and can be paid via Paypal.

* Individual results may vary from person to person

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