Happiness From Within

Hypnotherapy - How it works

Have you ever driven in a car and reached your destination without remembering parts of the journey, or been sat watching the TV, but couldn't remember what you have been watching?

These are examples of the naturally occurring state of trance that we all go in and out of many times a day.

During a hypnotherapy session, this same state is achieved and is perfectly safe and very relaxing and enjoyable. You remain awake and in control, however whilst in this state, our subconscious minds are susceptible to suggestions which help you achieve the changes that YOU decide what you want to achieve.

As a client, YOU will have to want to make these changes, and work with me to achieve them. It is a falacy that under hypnosis I can make you do anything that you do not want to do.

SFTB hypnotherapy (Solution Focussed Brief Therapy) is so called because the focus is on what YOU would like to achieve, and the therapy is brief, usually taking no more than a few sessions (except for intense one off sessions, which are single 90 minute sessions) compared to months or even years of counselling.

Hypnosis is a gentle yet very effective way of overcoming many symptoms without the necessity of medical intervention, however also compliments other forms of treatmemts quite beautifully.

To find out more about hypnosis and to discuss how it can help YOU, please contact me to book a no obligation initial consultation.

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